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Happy National Lash Day!

Happy National Lash Day!

Bigger. Bolder. 100X Longer. Really?

Mascara claims are terrible, but I’m a sucker for them. In honor of National Lash Day, I figured I would share with you what my current mascara routine is. I go through a tube of mascara about every two months, so I’m constantly on the hunt for the next best one.

I recently purchased Lancôme’s CILS BOOSTER XL and forgot why I ever stopped buying it. It is a primer that helps condition, lengthen, and thicken the lashes. I find this works best when I coat one eye, let it dry for a few seconds, apply mascara, and then move to the next eye. The great thing about this product is that you can use it underneath any mascara! L'Oréal Paris Voluminous Primer Mascara is an awesome drugstore alternative.

I also started using waterproof mascara and oh my goodness I don’t know why I never reached for them before. I have naturally hooded eyes (or bedroom eyes) with long lashes, so sometimes my lashes rub against my eyelids and I end up with raccoon eyes way too early in the day. Switching to waterproof mascara has been a complete game changer. Waterproof mascara doesn’t budge and keeps lashes curled all day. I mean, all day. A gentle facial cleanser won’t remove it. You’ll need a dedicated eye makeup remover that removes the most stubborn makeup. Tip: Soak a cotton pad in the solution and let it sit on your closed eyelid for a few seconds. Then, wipe away.

Lancôme has some of the best high-end mascaras out there. I’m currently obsessing over: Monsieur Big Waterproof Mascara and Définicils Waterproof - High Definition Mascara.

Below are my three favorite drug store mascaras that I can never pass up on when they are on sale. Buy 1, get 1 50% off? Insert chip here.

When shopping for a mascara, it’s really important to look at the wand. Besides having different formulas, the wand is what truly makes the difference.

Here’s a quick guide to four common mascara wands:

Mascara Guide. Image taken from  Allure.com.  Text added by me.

Mascara Guide. Image taken from Allure.com. Text added by me.

Tips for your best lashes:

  1. Avoid placing moisturizer/eye cream on your eyelashes. This weighs down the lashes and causes the mascara to move around.

  2. Curl your lashes.

  3. Don't pump the wand into the tube.

  4. Scrape off product from the wand against the tube to help eliminate clumping.

  5. Hug the wand as close to the upper lash line as possible and twist the wand up as you work your way through the lashes. You want the majority of the mascara to be closer to the lash line. This will help create the appearance of a thicker lash line.

  6. If you are coating the bottom lashes, take your time! Wiggle the wand side to side carefully. Holding the wand straight up against the lashes can help separate them.

What mascara are you currently reaching for? Let me know in the comments!


Skincare Loyalty.

Skincare Loyalty.

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